About Capital to Coast

Capital to Coast (C2C) is a 100km multistage event held from Friday afternoon to Sunday afternoon at various locations between Canberra and the South Coast of NSW.  The event consists of a prologue on the Friday, four stages on the Saturday and a further four stages on the Sunday.  Stages range between 8km and 15km in length.


The event was initially organised by the Nowra Athletics Club (NAC) in 2012 and staged annually, in August, until 2016.  Minor course changes were made each year (including, in 2015, changing from 3 stages on Saturday and Sunday to four stages each day, splitting the middle stage into two shorter stages).  C2C was cancelled in 2017.  Ownership of and responsibility for C2C transferred to the YMCA of Canberra Runners Club which ran the event in 2019. The event did not run in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The race will be delivered by Canberra Runners, the organisation that will replace the YMCA Canberra Runners Club following separation from the YMCA in 2021.


Runners can participate as solo runners, completing all nine stages, or as members of relay teams of up to four runners.  Relay teams can allocate stages between team members at their own discretion. The commencement of each stage is organised as a mass start of all runners competing in the stage.  Runner and relay team times for the event are calculated as the sum of the elapsed time for each stage of the event.  Participants (and support crew) are responsible for transport from the completion of a stage to the start of the next stage.  Participants are also responsible for their own accommodation.

Run by Runners for Runners!

C2C is essentially a running event organised by runners for the enjoyment of runners.  The staged nature of the race makes the event accessible to social trail runners competing in relay teams through to experienced ultra marathon runners.  The time between stages, massed starts, and festival atmosphere are all aimed at supporting a strong social dimension to the race.  The choice of stage courses and locations provides runners with an enjoyable and scenic mix of terrains from beach and cross-country trail to path and road.  C2C is not conducted with a profit motive, nor are participants encouraged to raise money for charity.