C2C Course in 2021

The course for 2021 is currently being approved and will be finalised over the coming months.

A short overview is as follows:

Prologue – held in Canberra on Friday 27 August at 3:30pm

Stages 1-4 – commencing near Canberra on Saturday 28 August and ending in Braidwood

Stages 5-8 – commencing near Braidwood on Sunday 29 and ending at the South Coast.

Stages range in distance from 7-8km up to 15-16km in length, with a mix of terrain to suit a range of running experience. The course in 2021 will be changed to have more trails (less road!) and will introduce more circuit stages (less point-to-point) to reduce travel time between stages.

If you are interested, you can view the 2019 course here, noting only some stages will be common with 2021.