Event Merchandise

If you’re like us, we love a bit of merch!!! 

Despite our plans for merch ranging from backpacks to jackets, we’re a bit limited by budget so have stuck with an event t-shirt. The t-shirt is included as part of your entry fee because we understand the merch is almost as important as running the event. 

See below for the t-shirt design for 2021. It’s a good quality unit, we’ve gone with the same supplier as 2019 for those who have one. It’s the same supplier as the Kowen Trail Run, which is a favourite shirt for many of us. The left image is the front and the right image is the back.

Here’s the sizing chart provided by the supplier as a PDF document. From our experience with these shirts, the sizing is pretty accurate.


We had a buff available in 2019 but it’s not economical to produce both a buff and a t-shirt.

So this year we have an exclusive buff that is free to volunteers, which means everyone should volunteer for at least one stage to secure their very own C2C buff!!! If you want to volunteer (and you know you do) then click here for more info. Of course you can still race in a team entry and volunteer when you’re not running a stage, which means you get to run and feel good about helping out 🙂