Event Merchandise

If you’re like us, we love a bit of merch!!!

Despite our plans for merch ranging from backpacks to jackets, we’re a bit limited by budget so have stuck with an event t-shirt and a buff. The t-shirt is free to early-bird entries and also available for general purchase, while the buff is available for general purchase.


Here’s the t-shirt. It’s a good quality unit, we’ve gone with the same supplier as the Kowen Trail Run, which is a favourite shirt for many of us. The left hand side image is the front and the right hand side is the back.

Sizing Chart

Here’s the sizing chart provided by the supplier as a PDF document. From our experience with these shirts, the sizing is pretty accurate.


We’ve got a buff as well. If you haven’t used a buff before, it’s a piece of elasticised fabric headwear. Buffs are quite simple, yet morph to serve many functions. A Buff can be worn as a beanie; headband; neck gaiter; helmet liner; balaclava; sun, dust or wind screen; bandanna; scarf; pirate-style cap; hairband; wristband; or even a halter top. Thanks Runners World for the description!

Buffs come in one size fits all. The design above wraps around into a tube, so the picture you see is constantly repeated all the way around.


You can purchase these items through the ‘Register Now‘ system at the time of registration.

If you’ve already entered then you can use the registration confirmation email to access your registration again. The email will have been received from “YCRC Capital to Coast 2019” with the subject line “YMCA Canberra Capital to Coast – Registration Details”.

If you have any questions about merch, please email the C2C team.


Merchandise can be collected at the time of bib collection on Friday 23 August in Canberra.