Event Results

Thanks to Martin Fryer from FlyerUltra for his great work running the event timing!

A link to the 2024 live results page will be posted here prior to the event commencing.

Results for 2023 are as follows (total event time in brackets).

Male Solo

1st place – Tim Cochrane (7:17:55)
2nd Place – Thomas Allen (7:32:32)
3rd Place – Geoffrey Barnes (8:59:34)

Female Solo

1st place – Emma McKinney (9:19:38)
2nd Place – Amanda Wheatley (9:52:38)
3rd Place – Kirsten Tasker (10:13:55)

Teams of Two

Winners Male Team – ‘WHAT THE HILL!!!’ (8:50:16)
Winner Female Team – ‘She made me’ (9:33:44)
Winner Mixed Team – ‘Hopeful Hoffs’ (8:18:49)

Teams of Three or Four

Winners Male Team – ‘RunningForResilience’ (9:21:53)
Winner Female Team – ‘FIT the ground running’ (10:16:02)
Winner Mixed Team – ‘Mad Krew’ (8:37:44)

2023 cumulative results are available here

2023 results by stage are available below 

Prologue here
Stage 1 here
Stage 2 here
Stage 3 here
Stage 4 here
Stage 5 here
Stage 6 here
Stage 7 here
Stage 8 here

Any enquiries relating to results should be directed to the Race Director in the first instance.

Previous Results for 2022

Results for the 2022 event are available here.