Stage 5 - "Mongarlowe River" - 15km

Yuin Country

  • Checkin - 6:30am

  • Start - 6:45am

  • Finish (Cutoff) - 8:40am

  • 25 mins from Braidwood. You must enter the stage via Kings Hwy and River Forest Rd - do not attempt to enter via Araluen Rd and Monga Lane!

  • Parking at the start/finish

This is an out and back stage from the Monga Village area in the Monga National Park south of Braidwood.  The course follows River Forest Rd alongside the Mongarlowe river with flat and gently sloping sections and a small creek crossing.

Have your cold weather gear ready for the early start although it can get humid in the forest.  Breezes from the coast often generate low clouds that engulf the surrounding forest in what the locals refer to as the Monga Mist.

Terrain: Dirt roads, firetrails, small shallow creek crossing

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