All running events are dependent on volunteers to proceed. Capital to Coast is no different.

Over the nine stages we need a range of volunteers to make the event work. The roles are simple and will not prevent you from running the previous or next stage, or supporting your runner. We ask all team runners and support crews to consider volunteering.

If you are with a child, there are roles that the two of you can perform together.

All equipment will be provided. You are responsible for providing any food, drink or protection from the elements that you may require.


There are a number of roles needing to be filled:

Role Description
Course Sweeper (x2) Drive the length of the stage to ensure that it is safe for runners. Drop off the drink station volunteers. Set up the finish area.
Drink Station (x2) Run the stage’s drink station.
Start: Staging Area Set up and pack up the Start area.
Start: Check-In Ensure all runners check-in before the stage begins.
Lead Vehicle Drive ahead of the lead runner.
Sweep Vehicle Drive the course to ensure all runners are accounted for. Pick up the drink station volunteers.


The attached table indicates roles and requirements for each stage, including where a vehicle or bicycle is required.

If you are interested in volunteering, contact the C2C team with your preferred role!