You can view the 2023 Volunteer Guide here.

We are looking for volunteers! If you’re running in a team, supporting a team, or just want to join in the fun, this is a great way to get involved. Have a look at the volunteer info below, if you find something that suits and you’re ready to commit, then head to the volunteer registration page to select your preferred stage and role.

Capital to Coast is a unique event, a celebration of the fantastic trails and running community at our back door. With nine events in one, C2C requires careful planning and relies heavily on volunteers to make it all work. As a volunteer, you will be helping to make a fun and safe event for all participants.Volunteering is a great way to really feel part of the event and to support your fellow runners. There are a range of roles available and each stage will have a volunteer coordinator to support the group.

But what if I want to run?

The great thing about C2C is that both runners and non-runners can volunteer. We have numerous roles, including ones that won’t prevent you from running or supporting a runner and, if you’re with a child, there are also roles that the two of you can do together. Here are some suggestions on how to coordinate running and volunteering:

  • Solo: focus on your running!
  • Team of two: if team members run alternate stages, the team member who has run the previous stage will be able to volunteer for check-in for the next stage. Faster runners will be able to assist with set-up of the start area.
  • Team of three or four: team members who are not running the previous or next stages will be able to volunteer in any role, but the course marshal and drink station roles are the best jobs for you. If you’ve run the previous stage, we recommend check-in, set-up of the finish area, or driving the sweep vehicle. If you are running the next stage, set-up of the start area, check-in, or driving the lead vehicle are the best jobs for you.

These are just some suggestions, and more information on the roles is provided below. If you need help figuring out whether you’ll be able to volunteer, or which stages and roles you might be able to volunteer for, we’re happy to help.

What roles can I do?

Volunteers are needed to fill a range of roles over the weekend. These roles include:

  • Start area set-up and pack-down: set up the start area, and pack it down after the stage has started.
  • Check-in: ensure that all runners have checked in before the stage begins.
  • Parking Marshal: guide the arriving cars into the allotted parking areas and spaces.
  • Finish area set-up and packdown: set up the finish area, and pack it down after all runners have finished the stage.
  • Drink station: run the drink station and cheer on the runners! The drink station and trail marshal volunteers will be in the same location, so this is a great role to do with a friend.
  • Trail marshal: provide directions to runners at critical points along the course. The trail marshal and drink station volunteers will be in the same location, so this is a great role to do with a friend.
  • Every stage will have a stage director and volunteer coordinator to show you what to do, and all equipment will be provided. A full schedule of volunteer roles and time commitments for each stage will be available soon.

You can view all of the volunteer roles in this summary document, but please note the start and finish times are indicative, to help with planning logistics. The final start and finish times will be provided to you in your volunteer pack closer to the date.

Sounds great, where can I sign up?

If you’re ready to commit, then head to the volunteer registration page to select your preferred stage and role.

More information about volunteer sign-ups will be in our newsletters, you can subscribe from the homepage, or you can view our already released newsletters here. If you have any questions about volunteering, please contact us!